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Who is Shox?

A leading social commerce mobile application that empowered by Soyaka AI's Artificial Intelligence technology, which powering users to experience an easier and effortless fashion shopping and letting them rule the fashion world with no boundaries.

How can I use Shox?

Follow these steps to experience a brand new way in styling:

  • Free download Shox application in Play Store.

  • Sign up and let us know your style preferences.

  • Explore fashion inspirations with no boundaries.

  • Upload a screenshot of OOTD that you took.

  • Your looks will be automatically matched with 20.000+ items.

  • Experience the easier way in styling and mix matching!

It seems like Shox has user level, What are they?

It seems like Shox has user level. What are they?

Three categories of our users:

  • General Users

The ones who want to look and feel best everyday without boundaries by helps from Shox coolest technology

  • VIP Community

These people are taking parts on development of Shox and giving their incredible ideas to be implemented in Shox

  • Shox Squad

These people are the fashion influencers who have the chance to represent Shox with their signature looks. They snap the signature looks and share with their followers. Which one are you?

What’s badge?

The badge is a reward from us to our fashion enthusiast who are active and being loyal to us. There are 9 categories of badges you will receive. The more active you explore for inspirations, the more badges you will receive.



Problems That We Solve

  1. Troubles in searching for fashion inspirations.

  2. Extra effort is needed when comparing similar products from different retailer platforms.

  3. Searching for fancy yet affordable fashion items.

  4. Filter feature on retailer platforms are not helpful enough - Our system is the expert!

Where can I find Shox?

Find us at:

Shenzhen, China


Jakarta, Indonesia

Who are Shox partners?

We collaborate with various exclusive brands and retail platforms. Our team is getting larger and larger!



Application Features

  • On-boarding screen: Personalize your style preferences.

  • Tons of inspirations.

  • Sorting and filtering 20.000+ products.

  • Search within seconds.

  • Variety of brands & e-commerce.

  • Save your favorite looks so you won't forget.

  • Get featured on our social media.

How can I contact Shox?

Drop us a message at +62 813-8322-7417 (Whatsapp) or notify us on

Why do I have to trust Shox as My Fashion Stylist?

Because we…

  • Our system offers tons of fashion inspirations within seconds.

  • Explore over 20.000 products.

  • Universal shopping basket.

Share Shox story to me, please!

Once we had a friend named Maya. She was that cheerful girl next door who loved to mix and match her outfits. She could go from the uptown look to a feminine look. She nailed every style that she wore. As time went by she found out that it was hard for her to find fashion inspirations because the fashion world itself holds many undiscovered stories. That happened years before our system was born. Today, our system let you express your styles easily and discover fashion without boundaries!

Why Shox?

Our mission is to bring the best out of our users' lives! We empower their personal confidence, we want them to feel the best and embrace their own signature styles.



Can I be Shox Partner?

We loved to have you as our partner! Leave us a message on



Does Shox have value?


We combine the fashion and technology industries. Shox is never going to stop improving the technology for the fashion industry.



Shox is full of energy which shows the desire to make others feel happy, to have fun, and to be the center of attention. The playfulness of Shox is reflecting users' experiences while using the features that Shox offers. Shox creates joy!



Shox is bold - we dare to be the trendsetter. The excitement of creating new trends in fashion technology industry is in our soul. We are excited to offer brand new experience to the community. Shox will always be ready for creating and providing new ideas and inspirations.



The spotlight is ours. We want our users to be more than being noticed, we want them to be the center of attention and feel like superstars! The values we uphold are aimed for stealing others' attention. We bring out the best from our loyal users!



What should I do after I already checkout?

  • You will be notified with the amount of payment.

  • Pay the amount to BCA 5055518685 - Soyaka Cerdas Kaya or Mandiri 1240010028547 - Soyaka Cerdas Kaya

  • You will be receiving an email of your payment invoice.


Can I return my order?

Absolutely, yes! For return process, you can leave message at +62 813-8322-7417 (Whatsapp) or notify us on

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