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What is ShoxSquad?

ShoxSquad is an exclusive squad filled with top picks of fashion influencer in Indonesia to represent Shox with their own style.asdqwe

ShoxSquad is an exclusive squad of fashion influencers in Indonesia who represent Shox through their signature styles.


What are the perks of being a ShoxSquad?

  • Affiliate Fee

You can generate passive income from your looks!

  • Top Priority

You and your looks will be on the top of our priority list for campaign, events, collaborations, etc.

  • Endorsement

An open gate for endorsements and collaboration with other brands through Shox.

  • Exposure

Get a new spotlight for your looks while inspiring more people with your style by getting featured by us both from social media and Shox application

How many influencer have joined ShoxSquad?


We have a long list of fashion influencers, but currently we start with exclusive invitation which is over 60 fabulous ShoxSquad slaying under our spotlight. Now we want you to be a part of them!


How to be a ShoxSquad?

ShoxSquad are always on the lookout!

If you are a fashion enthusiast and interested to join the ShoxSquad, kindly fill out this form and qualified applicant will be notified.


Who determine the outfit for the content?

We want every ShoxSquad to speak freely through their style, that is why all style and outfit are not restricted nor determined by Shox. Even so, there are possibilities of endorsed products that can occasionally be offered.

How is the Affiliate Fee calculated?

Affiliate Fee is calculated from every successful purchase by the followers/customer from the ShoxSquad looks through Shox App. It is in form of percentage where all Affiliate Partner has different percentage.

How ShoxSquad check their content performance in terms of sales?

ShoxSquad will get their performance report in a form of invoice of successful purchases of their looks monthly.


Since currently Shox application is available only in PlayStore, If I use IOS can I still join ShoxSquad?

No worries!

You can be a ShoxSquad regardless of your phone type, just fill out

#shoxsquad logo.png

and hear from us soon

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